I have been taking a break from rescue for the last couple months, and it’s given me a lot of time to reflect on how I want to continue on with Wayward in the future and what I can and can’t (or won’t) handle. This process with Mickey made me realize that I don’t want to stop rescuing, but there are changes I want to make.


I’ve always been the most passionate about the special needs and medical cases. Those are the cats that make the most lasting impact on me as a rescuer and even though it can be heartbreaking when they don’t make it, like Mickey, it is so rewarding when they do. Many other rescues aren’t willing or able to take on the medical cases because of the cost involved, but thanks to the AMAZING supporters Wayward has, I am always confident that I can raise the money needed to give these injured and sick cats a second chance (or third, or fourth).


All that said, I am not a fan of dealing with the human side of things. People can be cruel, ignorant and downright stupid honestly. So. I have made the decision to discontinue taking cats from the public. I will be leveraging my strong relationships with local open-intake shelters such as SA Animal Care Services to pull the worst medical cases they have as I have open kennel space. I really feel that this will be the best way to put my time and energy to good use. Once the cats are recovered and ready for adoption they will be transferred to another no-kill shelter like the SA Humane Society, as we have been doing for the last year.


I am excited about this new chapter in Wayward’s life, especially as we are approaching our 10th year! 

Please do not send us intake requests as we will not respond. We only pull from shelters and do not accept cats from the public. For a list of other shelters and rescues in San Antonio, click here


Email: waywardwhiskerscatrescue@hotmail.com


Executive Director: Sherry Pfau


Board Chair: Anne Marie Hile


Foster Director: Kate Medellin


Board Member: Katy Schultz



Wayward Whiskers Cat Rescue is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization in San Antonio, TX founded in January 2013. We take in stray special needs cats and kittens that may otherwise be abandoned or euthanized. 


We do not accept cats from the public. We pull medical cases from open-intake and high risk shelters in the South Texas area. We provide top-notch veterinary care including any surgeries or treatments the cats may need, and then transfer them to one of our no-kill shelter partners. 


Wayward Whiskers operates solely on support from individual and corporate donors. We do not receive any city or government funding.

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