INTAKE AS OF 9/12/2023:

We are currently ONLY accepting one medical case at a time based on space and resources. We are not able to accept owner surrenders. If you need assistance with a found stray or rehoming your cat, please visit our Resources & Links page.


Wayward Whiskers is no longer running the feral cat food program. Since everyone at Wayward has a full time job, we were not able to do in person distributions and monthly shipments were the plan. Unfortunately due to Amazon's strict quantity limits and other pet food suppliers not allowing us to set up multiple shipping addresses, we just couldn't make it happen. We also ran into difficulties raising enough money to support the over 40 caretakers that had signed up for the program. 


The San Antonio Feral Cat Coalition has taken the food program back over, so if you are a part of the program please reach out to them. We greatly appreciate all that the SAFCC does for the feral and not-so-feral cats of this city! 



We are humming right along getting the new Feral Food Program set up! The first 13 participants were approved and began receiving food around July 15th. The next 6 applicants to be approved have been notified and will begin receiving food starting August 15th. 


We are waiting for all of the mailed applications to be received and we will begin processing those as well. 


We are not currently accepting new applicants until we can get the folks who were participating in the SAFCC program set up. Once that is complete we will post an update here, so please check back! 


Wayward Whiskers will celebrate our 10th anniversary this year! While taking in cats has always been a core part of what we do and who we are, we have decided to shift direction. Starting in April 2022, we will no longer be taking in cats. 


We have established the Wayward Whiskers Foundation to help feral cat colony caretakers with food donations. 


To receive food from the foundation, all cats in the colony must be spayed or neutered or in the process of being trapped and fixed. If you need assistance trapping and fixing the cats, we will refer you to the San Antonio Feral Cat Coalition


If you would like assistance from the foundation, please complete the application below and email it to We will review the application within 3-5 business days. Food donations will be granted as available based on greatest need. 

WWF Food Program Application
Please complete and return this application. We will respond within 3-5 business days.
Food Program Application.docx
Microsoft Word document [343.7 KB]

We no longer take in cats. For a list of other shelters and rescues in San Antonio, click here




Executive Director: Sherry Pfau


Board Chair: Kate Medellin


Board Member/ Social Media and Program Director: Sarah Wildey-Richmond


Board Member: Katy Schultz

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Wayward Whiskers Cat Rescue is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization in San Antonio, TX founded in January 2013. We are currently taking in very few cats on a case by case basis, and only medical cases.  


Wayward Whiskers operates solely on support from individual and corporate donors. We do not receive any city or government funding.

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