Sweet Braxton was adopted and had a rough start, but now he fits in perfectly with his new family and big sister Misty, a ragdoll mix.

Blaze was adopted in 2014 and her family just loves her. She follows them around and cuddles. 

Axl Rose lost his leg after acid was thrown on him. He was adopted by a military family and they adore him!

Abigail loves her new family! She was rescued from a box in the middle of the street. 

Annabelle is thriving in her home after being rescued from a tree!

Rolie Polie is having a blast with her new family and her very own pet dog!

Sweet little Stewie loves living with his sister DC and his new family!

Oreo is pretty relaxed and super happy in her new home!

Toasty is quite happy in his new home and doing very well!

Harold and Edward were adopted together and love their new home. They are living it up!

Beautiful, shy Sheba finally found her forever home after being with WW for almost a year!


The lovely Lenora was adopted by a mother and her 5 year old daughter. They had a white cat named Lucia for years and have been looking to get another one. Lenora will be an only child and I'm sure that will make her very happy!

Boxie was dumped at the city pound in a microwave oven box. She was covered in ringworm, fleas and ear mites. She was scared and timid at first, but after a few days of being fed and taken care of she blossomed into a beautiful, pure white, sweet ball of purrs. 


She was adopted by a beautiful family with two little girls. She is spoiled rotten, has a sparkly blue collar and loves to cuddle with her new human sisters. Congratulations Boxie!!

Sebastian and Mr. Jingles were rescued from Animal Care Services and immediately became best friends. You never saw one without the other. We were hopeful for someone to adopt them together since they were so bonded, and the right family came along and snapped them up!

They love their new home. Their family has another cat and a dog, and Sebastian and Mr. Jingles get along with everyone great. 

Rio was a long term Whisker and finally found his forever family!

Angus was dumped at The Forum shopping center, behind Kohl's. He and his buddy Wicket (still up for adoption) were surviving on a kind samaritan's food and water. When they were brought home, Angus immediately became a part of my family and got along incredibly well with the other cats. 


My parents' neighbor saw Angus and were reminded of their cat who passed away, Midnight. They had been wanting a new cat that would snuggle with their twin boys and be buddies with their other two cats, Misty and Jack. 


Angus loves living in his new home, sleeps with the twins every night, and the best part is I still get to visit him! 

Pretty Tweak was owner surrendered because her family's dog kept attacking her. She was declawed and couldn't fight back. Tweak is a sweet, friendly girl that loves attention and is very affectionate. 


A family that had been looking for an older, declawed cat happened upon Tweak on PetFinder and fell in love! They said that Tweak adjusted very quickly and sleeps with them every night. Yay for Tweak!

Miko, AKA "Wonky", was surrendered by his owner due to his health issues. Wonky is deaf and has cerebellar hypoplasia, an underdevelopment of his brain that affects his motor skills. He has a hard time jumping but is an excellent climber, and is absolutely hilarious when he runs. 


Wonky is fearless and playful, has no idea anything is wrong with him, and his greatest wish in the world is to have a playmate. He loves playing and wrestling with my other cats and even likes the dogs occasionally. He's adventurous and loves to hang out in the shower for some reason.


I absolutely LOVE Wonky and couldn't imagine life without his little quirks, so he joined my feline family in January 2013. He has a goofy meow and is just precious!

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Wayward Whiskers Cat Rescue is a 501(c)(3) rescue in San Antonio, TX founded in January 2013. We take in special needs cats and kittens that may otherwise be discarded or euthanized. 


We accept cats from the public when space is available, as well as pull from local shelters. We provide top-notch veterinary care including any surgeries or treatments the cats may need, and then find forever homes for them. We also are one of the few shelters in San Antonio that accepts FIV positive cats.  


Wayward Whiskers operates solely on support from individual and corporate donors. We do not receive any city or government funding.

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